Welcome to Calibre Hardware
Calibre Hardware L.L.C. caters to the needs of the Civil, Electro-Mechanical, Joinery & Carpentry, Oil & Petrochemical, and Steel Fabrication industries in the UAE and Gulf region by providing durable products within the given time frame and required standard at the most competitive prices.
Fasteners and bolting are a crucial component in a project. While their cost maybe negligible to the overall project costs, substandard bolting can have severe consequences in terms of project schedules and costs.
Mechanical Fixing & Metal Framing
Metal Framing products are used in the construction & electrical industries to provide rapid & cost effective options for light structural support using various specialized fittings & accessories.
Pipe Fitting & Accessories
Premium quality forged pipe fittings, butt-weld pipe fittings, flanges and valves, cam lock couplings having high degree of dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance and precision tolerance.
Tools & Accessories
With a wide range of quality tools and accessories we help to equip our clients provide mechanical advantage to their craftsman or technician to accomplish a physical task quickly, efficiently and accurately.