Tools & Accessories
With a wide range of quality tools and accessories we help to equip our clients provide mechanical advantage to their craftsman or technician to accomplish a physical task quickly, efficiently and accurately.

There is also some debate on whether to consider protective gear items as tools or consumables, because they do not directly help perform work, just protect the worker while performing a task. They do meet the general definition of tools and in many cases are necessary for the completion of the work. Similarly, consumables like tools and welding accessories are not very high value items but play a very vital role in helping the technician achieve the desired results.

We have an exhaustive range of hand and power tools, tools and welding accessories, protective gear items, packing materials and general hardware to meet the need and requirements of diverse industries in an effective manner.

Tools classified according to their basic functions:

  • Riveting Tools
  • Fastening Tools
  • Striking Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Finishing Tools
  • Layout & Marking Tools
  • Woodworking Tools

Tool Accessories:

  • Power Tool Accessories
  • Hand Tool Accessories
  • Welding Accessories

Protective Gear Items:

  • Uniform & Coverall
  • Safety helmet & shoes
  • Safety glasses & ear defenders
  • Safety gloves and
  • Safety harness

Our mantra
"Build on quality, grow with integrity"